Henri Cartier-Bresson is often described as the father of modern photojournalism. Because of his work and his methods of photography people like myself have been able to take a traditional timeless style and add our own little twist to it.
I love looking through my viewfinder at the world around me and I love learning new ways to see. I am currently taking new courses in photography so that I might stay above the curve, there are so many people out there that call themselves professional photographers but very few that can catch your eye with their work. I have chosen to apply photojournalism techniques to all aspects of my photography so other people can really get a chance to see how beautiful life can be.
When you look at a photograph you either see a pretty picture or you see a story and emotion, to be able to create an image that stops the viewer and makes him/her read the picture not just glance over it is what photojournalism is all about.

Matt Branscombe

Danny Felstead in the middle of a hairspray haze
Danny Felstead in the middle of a hairspray haze
Jill Leitz and Danny Felstead in the middle of their class about curly hair
Jill Leitz and Danny Felstead in the middle of their class about curly hair
When the chair is finally empty their final work shines on stage
When the chair is finally empty their final work shines on stage

On My Way HOME!!!!!

So this is going to be my first blog really not about photography, but of course I will post some photos anyway.

I had a great trip to Las Vegas. I gambled when I said I wouldn’t, and I lost. Let’s just say I lost more than I could afford. It is what it is, but I have to talk about a guy I met out there. On my first night, I met a guy on the elevator, and we bullshitted for a few minutes. He mentioned he was there alone, and I mentioned the same, we parted ways and that was that. I ran into this guy about 3 times, and we talked a little each time and agreed we should have dinner since we were both alone. So yesterday I ran into him at one of my photo shoots where he was attending, we set our dinner plans for that night and finished out our days. He asked me to a restaurant that wound up being really, really expensive. I didn’t want to say I shouldn’t spend that kind of money, so I didn’t and we sat down. I should mention that I don’t drink and, to my surprise, neither does he. So, they had king crab legs on the menu. I love king crab legs. They were $65, and the meals were ala carte, so add another $40 for two sides and our dinner was going to be expensive. At the end of a really nice dinner with my new friend, Mike Perez, I was scared to see the check. This guy who I’ve know for all of 2 hours would not let me pay for my dinner; I didn’t know what to say.

Well, needless to say, I was stuck in Vegas for a day and a half more than I should have been, and we hung out, ate, and went shopping like a couple of queens.

I’m now sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight home. I don’t have any pictures from today, but here are a few of my favorites from the airport in Philadelphia where I had a 4.5hr layover on my way here.

Thanks to Mike Perez and check out his Website at, or if you are in the Rockville, MD area check him out. He is one hell of a guy.

Matt Branscombe

And here are a few from behind the scenes at Redken Symposium 2009

Redken Symposium 2009

I’m In Las Vegas right now for the worlds largest hair styling teaching convention. There are over 10,000 people in atendance and it’s really something else. I was hired to come out and document the behind the scenes stuff, shoot the runway shows and photo shoots with all 300 models.
I arrived here on Saturday afternoon and got right to work. Last night they had a huge grand opening variety/fashion show which was amazing, being that I was one of two photographers hired for that event I felt really awesome. All the models are really sweet and beautiful of course and the stylists and designers are also really nice. I’m taking a few mInutes to myself right now but I have to get back to work soon. I’ve shot aLmost 2000 images so far and I haven’t even started the high fashion shoot yet. This is intense. More to come and pictures too.

Matt Branscombe
Just a taste


A sample of my latest Digital ART

Photography is an ART. What happens once the photo is on your computer can be Art, or it can be a train wreck. I was look through some local CT photographers websites today and I find myself board to death looking at their portfolios. I’m not saying I am the absolute best photographer, in fact up until a few days ago I wasn’t even sure I was any good. Anyway what some, most, most people do to their photos can be easily described as dull or in some cases, awful.
Black and white, fine. But use it for a reason.
The things technology has made possible and most still play it safe. If you look at most of the close-up portraits on my website you will see beautiful girls with perfect skin. Trust me, even world famous runway models have bad skin close up. These are the things every professional photographer should be able to do.
Matt Branscombe and bringing you the ART of Photography

Digital Art by: Matt Branscombe
Digital Art by: Matt Branscombe

Offbeat Bride and Indie Bride

I tried to log on to the and today just to check out things so I have some reference on whats going on in the left of center wedding world. It’s good to have some different things to offer that off beat bride but these websites are hard as hell to get on to.
Even with out getting a look at what these sites have to offer I will still bring an unique, contemporary and artistic style to wedding photography.

Matt Branscombe

A picture of me by Mike C
A picture of me by Mike C

Connecticuts Famous Fashion and Wedding Photographer

Word of mouth has started kicking in. I’ve been contacted by a number of people from recommendations received on “The Off-Beat Bride”
This is what I’ve been waiting for. I knew my style and photos could speak for themselves but I just need people to see them.
In recent discussions with the head of Connecticut’s largest bridal fair “Bosco Bridal Fair” my website and photographs were complimented and highly regarded by a man who has been in this industry for many years. That made me feel awesome!
I’m also continuing my work with Salon Chiala. In October Salon Chiala was in charge of hair (on behalf of REDKEN) for Scott Corridan”s runway show featuring his White Chocolate Label. I was invited to photograph behind the scenes and the fashion show. I have just finished adding those pictures to my website, View The Full White Chocolate Gallery Here. This I suggest you check out. Between the photography and the digital editing of these photos I have never been more impressed with myself. This is really not like me to toot my own horn but I’m just really happy with these photos. For all of you who have never met any world famous runway models I have to tell you, although they are stunningly beautiful they are by no means perfect. If I didn’t work my magic you would see how their skin is just like everyone elses. But again this is some of my best work yet.

For weddings, head shots, high fashion or any of you photography needs
call – 203.745.3942
or email –

Photography by Matt Branscombe
Photography by Matt Branscombe

Hit The Ground Running……..

My name is Matt Branscombe, known in the BMX world as Matty Branscombe and I run along with my beautiful wife Lindsay. She is my Love and my web master, either way I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

I am a professional photographer, I love my life behind the lens.

I will use this opportunity to mention my break into the fashion industry. In early 2008 I hooked up with Chiala Marvici from Salon Chiala in Springfield, Mass and shot my first fashion show for her, Cause/Effect 2008.

I have since become her embeded photographer and acompanied her to a bridal fashion show at the Barclay Hotel in NYC. This was no everyday bridal fair, the models were world famous runway models and the designer was Scott Corridan featuring his White Chocolate Label.

Those pictures will be up on my website in the comming days.

I have been so busy lately with wedding season peeking I had a wedding last weekend and three in November so I toile trying to get new photos in my portfolio as I go.

Here is a sneek peek of whats to come at


White Chocolate Label 10/19/2008
White Chocolate Label 10/19/2008