A few weeks to pop!

I totally understand why a pregnant women looking for a photographer would pass over me even if they browsed my portfolio, I look a little different and I’m a guy. Not all women are comfortable being partially nude at a time in their life when they might be the most self conscious around a tattooed guy with a camera. Christine saw past my tattooed exterior and had faith in my creative abilities when she asked my to do some maternity photography with her. She was beautiful and the pictures came out great. I have to thank her brother for the pizza and lending me the Iron Man 2 DVD.

Memories by: Matt Branscombe

Girl Spot -Photo Shoot

Owners Judy Joevenelly and Lee Gulash

Since it’s opening in March The Girl Spot has added new classes and new instructors, this means new photos. Yesterday was a fun shoot with a bunch of fun ladies. I know a lot of people can’t see past the stigma of pole dancing but this studio is for women only and is about fitness not stripping. Being that it is a “no boys aloud” atmosphere I am one of the lucky few who have been inside and been witness to the talent of the instructors. The Pole instructor Danielle Boate is amazing. She has more strength in her upper body then I have had in my whole life. The shoot went really well and all the images came out really great, from mock bachelorette party shots, head shots and posed shots to high speed action pole shots. Check out the awesome website we created and more of our images and videos from The Girl Spot at www.TheGirlSpotCT.com

and to see all the pictures from this shoot go to bscphoto.com/girlspot
Co-owner Judy’s husband Mike was snapping pictures of me as I worked so for once we get to see me work.

Photography by: Matt Branscombe

A staged Bachelorette Party

Engagement Photos

Since we first broke into the wedding game we have offered free engagement photos to all couples who book us to shoot their weddings. At first I thought of it as just a way to entice people to book with us or at least give them some added incentive. After the past few years I have begun to realize the importance of the engagement shoot, not only do I get to spend some one on one time with the couple, which makes them more comfortable with me on their wedding day, but also they get to see what they look like in my photos. Sometimes when looking at a professional photographers website you can try to envision yourself in the pictures but without a true reference, you can only guess what they would look like if it were you in the photos.
Since our first year we have been growing exponentially thanks to the referrals from our previous clients and that means more engagement photos. This year I will have shot over 30 couples, to this day I have only shot 5. It’s a long way to go but I am definitely looking forward to it. So keep checking back for more engagement pictures.

Romantic Photojournalism

Matt Branscombe/Photographer

Another Sigman and Rochlin photo shoot

We have been a part of this law firm since it’s formation in late 2008 and they have grown at an astonishing rate. Only having had minimal experience with lawyers over the years I don’t have much to compare these guys to but I will say most of them are really great guys that would do anything for people they care about. That being said, they have added a new attorney to their crew and our design company is just finishing up their new website (check out The Creative Supply Co.to read about that undertaking) so I took a trip up to the Sigman & Rochlin CT office to shoot a few pictures of their new partner Jon Tross and their long time paralegal Joey-Lynn Darius, truly one of the funniest women I have ever met.
The lawyers of Sigman and Rochlin have an idea of how they want to be perceived, they want to standout when other law firms want to blend in. Why do cookie cutter designs and photo shoots when there is more to their firm and their lawyers than average run of the mill lawyering? Sigman and Rochlin LLC is truly a firm driven by innovation.

Photography by: Matt Branscombe

Executive Chef, Tyler Anderson & The Copper Beech Inn

Today was one of those shoots I really look forward to. In the back room of the Copper Beech Inn in Essex Connecticut Mike and I set up to shoot gourmet dishes by Tyler Anderson for the Copper Beech website . The best part about shooting food like this is getting to pick while you wait for the next plate to come out. We shot seven plates in about 4 hours and Mike and I ate about everything on each plate. If you ever get the chance to eat food cooked by Tyler you will consider yourself lucky.
Here is a small taste of what we shot today.

Food Photography

Chef Tyler Anderson

Time to share.

I have been really bad at keeping up with sharing what is going on over here at BSC Photo. In the past few weeks there has been a few fun photo shoots and now it’s finally time to share.
First was a day that most of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts was worrying about, another snow storm. Well, it snowed a lot through the night but we woke up to a beautiful sunny day with a foot of fresh snow and a great setting to shoot engagement photos for Jenn and Paul. Jenn and Paul were a very sweet couple who just so happen to love the snow and were on their way from their home in Brooklyn to Vermont to go snowboarding, we took a little hike up the backside of Sleeping giant in Hamden to shoot s few photos.

After I finished up with Jenn and Paul I had to swing by All Pets Club in Branford to shoot their store covered in snow. The owners of All Pets Club are taking the lead in locally owned pet businesses by using photography and creative marketing to grab the attention of Connecticut pet owners.

A week or so later I had to travel up to Audio Media Solutions for a full day of shooting. First up on the schedule was Kelly and Gamal, this guy is basically a model and his lovely fiance was great too. AMS is in this old factory building that has been partially redone for businesses but there are still some parts that are old and distressed, one of the locations is the roof. Kelly, Gamal and I climbed a rickety ladder up two stories to a make shift landing and plywood door to the roof. It was a little scary, especially carrying two cameras and a tripod. It was a bit breezy and a little rain/snow but they did great and the pictures look really cool. After we finished on the roof we went into AMS, the couple wanted to showcase their new tattoos so we set up the lights and grabbed a few last shots before I had to move on the the next shoot.

Mike at Audio Media Solutions hired a new Dj and a new MC to expand his business and book more dates and this is the day we scheduled to do a photo shoot with the new members of the team. First we have Dina, lead singer in the Hartford area band Lick and new MC to AMS. Then there is Travis, a long time wedding and club DJ. The combonation of these two make a great team and I am looking forward to shooting a wedding that this group DJ’s. After we finished up our official business, Dina asked that we do a “pin up” style shoot sith her because she got a cool dress at a thrift shop the day before.  She looked great!

Last on my update for February.
We have a new client, The Girl Spot. We have been in charge of all marketing, advertising, PR and photography for this company since day one (that was two months ago) They are getting ready for the grand opening next Friday March 12th and we have been buckling down trying to get everything ready. We created press kits that went out to all the local radio and Tv stations as well as to a few select local celebrity women. They few pictures I’m sharing here are from a quick shoot for the press kit but stay tuned for some new pictures coming up after this weekend. The Girl Spot is a woman’s only fitness center (think flirty girl fitness) they will have pole dance classes, hula hoop classes, chair dance classes and more. Meet the women of the Girl Spot, Lee Gulash and Judy Jovanelly.

Thanks for hanging in through this whole post. I will keep up better for the rest of the year.
Photography and Romantic Photojournalism by: Matt Branscombe

One more reason…

We know going into a wedding that we will get the shots we want but sometimes we encounter different situations that require us to think before we shoot to attain the perfect image. Nothing proves more that we are highly capable of producing perfect images then being able to go to a wedding and shoot only film. The following pictures are from a wedding a few weeks back where we were hired to shoot the formals strictly in medium format film. In under two hours we exposed 7 rolls of 120 film shooting formals and group family pictures, we then stuck around to shoot the ceremony as well (which we were not hired to do).
Where I usually try to be modest this is one of those times that I find it hard to be. Most wedding photographers today have never even shot film let alone at a wedding and especially not in large format. The fact that these images are perfectly exposed and the ceremony shots were exposed by eye on the fly is one more notch in our belt to becoming Connecticut’s most sought after professional wedding photographers.

Romantic Photojournalism and film photography by:
Matt Branscombe and Mike Ciarleglio
The client who’s wedding was featured in this section has requested that for the privacy of his family we remove the images.

Thank You for understanding
Matt Branscombe

Film is DEAD. But not for us.

Today we shot medium format film for our lovely model Val. Mike C, Lindsay and myself made some appearances just for fun. It’s going to be a week or so till I get my film back and scanned but here is a little sneak preview into today’s film photo shoot. The most of the pictures with me in them were taken by my lovely wife Lindsay using my 5D II and 50mm lens. We had this camera set up to shoot check out exposures a little and since 80mm on a medium format camera is about 45 on a full frame digital the 50 on the 5D is the best I could do. We still bracketed our film shots and wrote down the shot information (just like the old days) but it was nice to see something close to what the shots will look like when we get the film back. What is really funny is most photographers today wouldn’t know what to do if they took a picture and couldn’t look at it on the back of their camera.
So here are some pictures.

The City of Brotherly Love

philly_227Yesterday was one long day. The law firm of Sigman and Rochlin commissioned a photo shoot in Philadelphia. 7:30 in the morning and packed into my car was Mike C. to assist, Lindsay for hair and makeup and myself to shoot.
We arrived in Philadelphia at 11 to meet the crew from Sigman and Rochlin at a place called “The Union Club” This is one of the most exclusive clubs in all of Philadelphia. I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is no way the three of us would have ever been allowed in a place like this otherwise, we had to be dressed up just to walk in the door.
The walls of the second floor were lined with oil paintings of all the U.S. presidents and a floor to ceiling portrait of George Washington. This photo shoot was set up to get some group pictures of the guys from Sigman and Rochlin as well as to get some head shots for advertising and marketing. BSC Photo & Design has been leading Sigman and Rochlin’s ad campaign for the past 3 months, check for design.bscphoto.com coming soon for our in depth design portfolio.


After we wrapped with the Sigman & Rochlin guys we headed down to South Street for dinner and to do a little street photography. Philadelphia has so much amazing architecture and culture so we knew we wouldn’t have to walk far to get some good pictures. We slipped into a few alleys and this is what we found.



Kids, Kids, BIG kids, little kids.

On this rainy Sunday Lindsay and I drove up to Southwick, Ma. for a little BBQ with are good friends and all their little mushy babies. Since we don’t get to see our friends much it was important to me to get some pictures of all the kids while they are still little. This will be the second appearance of the Quinn Burger, for those of you who don’t know what a Quinn burger is, check out my post “What’s a Quinn Burger?” and the first appearance anywhere of the newest member of the Smith family, Sebastian.

Mushy. squishy, chubby nuggets.
For all the photos from this little get together go to BSCphoto.com/masskids