Anthropology Retail Store | Connecticut Architecture Photographer

I was contracted by Anthropology to photograph the interiors and vignettes of their new store in Danbury before it opened. Their design and creative team were amazingly talented, professional and great to work with.

Even though this was a really fun shoot we were limited to just two hours. Even under pressure my team and theirs works seamlessly together to create beautiful images of the stores vignettes.

Photography By: Matt Branscombe

Millwrights Restaurant | Connecticut and New York Food and Lifestyle Photographer

For the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to work with Chef Tyler Anderson and his amazing team. I started shooting food for him back when he was the Executive Chef at Copper Beech Inn, since then he has moved on to open what is quickly becoming known as one of Connecticut’s best restaurants. Millwrights is a 17th century grain mill turned restaurant and tavern. The place looks amazing and the food taste even better than it looks.

Millwrights has received amazing reviews and articles by NY Times, Connecticut Magazine and Hartford Magazine in the past few months and I have to say even though I’ve only known Tyler and his team for a short time I feel so proud to be part of such a quick rise in popularity and accolades.

Most people know that food photography is usually of “non edible” or undercooked foods. When we first started out shooting with Tyler we did choose to shoot the food undercooked and used some tricks of the trade to make the food appear luscious, juicy and edible but Tyler and I quickly came to the same conclusion that it just didn’t feel right. Since that time we only shoot fully cooked and 100% delicious food. I can honestly say that that makes me so happy because now as soon as we get the shot we get to eat the food!

Below you will see a serious of images taken over the last year as Millwrights went from being just an idea on paper to one of the most incredible restaurants in Connecticut.

I want to say a big special thank you to Chef Tyler Anderson, A.J. Aurrichio, Brent Bushong II and Luke Venner. It’s been a pleasure to be have been on this ride with you.

Check them out at

Photography By: Matt Branscombe
Photo Assistant: Mike Ciarleglio

Chef Tyler Anderson at CT food photo shoot

New York food photographer New England Clam Chowder

Tyler Andersons take on Clam Chowder

Connecticut food photography lobster bisque

CT food styist and New York creative food photography

Creative food photography New England style

Unique CT NYC food photography

Chef Tyler Anderson food photography

Connecticut food photography Soup

CT 5 star restaurant kitchen photography

Connecticut and New York restaurant lifestyle photographer

CT NYC restaurant 5 star lifestyle photography

CT restaurant kitchen food and lifestyle photography

CT NYC creative dramatic portrait photography

CT NYC creative dramatic portrait photography

CT restaurant lifestyle photography

Chef Tyler Anderson CT dramatic lifestyle portrait photography

CT NYC dramatic lifestyle portrait photography

Food and lifestyle photography in Connecticut

Connecticut food and lifestyle photographer at 5 star restaurant

New York restaurant kitchen lifestyle photography

CT restaurant kitchen lifestyle photography

CT and NY restaurant kitchen lifestyle photography

Aweard winning CT restaurant kitchen lifestyle photography

Connecticut restaurant kitchen food lifestyle photography

Connecticut restaurant kitchen food lifestyle photography

Tyler Anderson portrait photographer

restaurant team creative lifestyle portrait photography

Creative vegitarian food photography

Millwrights restaurant food and lifestyle photography CT

CT NYC restaurant interiors creative photography

Millwrights CT restaurant exterior creative architecture photography

Millwrights CT restaurant exterior creative architecture photography

CT NYC restaurant interiors creative photography

CT NYC restaurant interiors creative photography

CT NYC restaurant interiors creative photography

CT NYC restaurant interiors creative photography

Connecticut Magazine photographer Millwrights Simsbury CT

Restaurant interiors and exterior Connecticut photographer

CT NY creative food photography

CT NY creative food photography burger

CT NY creative food photography

CT NY creative food photography

CT NY creative food photography

CT NY creative food photography

CT NY food photographer Ice cream

Unique CT food and lifestyle photographer

CT Restaurant exterior photographer

Sets, Propping and Products

high quality art direction and product photography for packagingOur largest and longest client HSS USA makes most of the wire racks you see in all the big box stores like Sam’s Club, Cosco, BJ’s, Walmart and on and on. Every time they get a product in a new store of design a new product like this rolling garment rack it has to be shot for the packaging. This is where I come in. Sometimes the process is as easy as put the rack on a white background and shoot but then there are times like this where not only does the rack have to be propped but it has to be in an “environment”. This means paint the wall a color that will work with the props and the packaging and get some type of furniture to complete the scene. My least favorite part about these shoots is prop shopping. high quality art direction and product photography for packagingI have to go out and pick clothes, furniture, accessories, etc. in order to give the consumer an idea of how the rack can be used. Prop costs are usually any where from $500-$1500 depending on how many looks the client needs. Here are two preliminary looks from this weeks shoot for Sam’s Club Brazil.

Photography by : Matt Branscombe

Professional Product Photography for packaging

Professional Product Photography for packaging in Connecticut and New York

WTNH Reporter Crystal Haynes

BSCphoto.comEditorial fashion/portrait photography for a celebrity blog
Yesterday Crystal came to our new studio for an editorial style photo shoot for her new blog, “Haynes Her Way”. As a young reporter in Connecticut WTNH and the New Haven Register are interested in her thoughts and opinions on everything from nightlife to current events. So the problem we were hired to solve was, how to create a website for Crystal’s fans and followers to go to get this information, follow her social media and at the same time be visually interesting and easy to navigate. After a brainstorming session Lindsay and I came up with a rough outline for the website and some great ideas for her photos. Crystal braved the snow storm yesterday to make the trip up to the studio, but even with the bad weather she came with a great attitude. You could say the her life as a reporter helped her with this photo shoot but most models would agree it is completely different to be the subject of an editorial fashion/portrait shoot. Once Crystal settled in she opened right up and was a natural, her eyes tell a story in every shot and her smile could light up a room.

There are so many great shots to choose from and some of which may never be seen but here are just a few that I like.

Photography by: Matt Branscombe
Crystal Haynes photo shoot by professional portrait and fashion photographer

Professional portrait photography of Reporter Crystal Haynes

Crystal Haynes photo shoot by professional portrait and fashion photographer

WTNH reporter Crystal Haynes photo shoot by professional Connecticut photographer

WTNH reporter Crystal Haynes photo shoot by professional Connecticut photographer

Editorial fashion/portrait photography for WTNH reporter Crystal Haynes

Stop Motion Photography

I was recently shown some stop motion videos by a wedding photographer from New Zealand. I realized that with a little thought and planning I could definitely pull this off. Sometime in the next year I will be offering stop motion videos as an add on to my wedding packages and possibly a stop motion only package if there is enough interest.

Here is my favorite video by the New Zealand Wedding Photographer

And here is my first attempt and stop motion photography using my lovely wife as a subject. If anyone is interested in having us do stop motion video at their wedding I will give you a super price! Who knows, maybe even free!
photography by” Matt Branscombe

Back to Philadelphia with the S&R boys

Last Tuesday we were asked to go back to Philly, back to the Union League to shoot the lawyers of Sigman and Rochlin LLC now TaboadaRochlin LLP. Last summer we made this trek to shoot photos for the firms website and marketing materials and just over a year later their firm has grown and we were there to recreate some of the firms favorite images.
I have recently been helping Rich Rochlin with his love of photography so I thought I would include a few photos he took as well. For a high powered attorney, he sure takes great pictures! After the shoot we all went out for some cheese steaks and then we went out on a short photo excursion around City Hall.

Special thanks to Rich Rochlin and Scott Sigman for always making BSC Photo a part of milestones in the growth of their firm.
Photography by: Matt Branscombe

Attorney Rich Rochlin and up and coming photographer shoots during set up

It was hard to get two minutes between calls to get each shot

"Mike C." Photo by: Rich Rochlin
"Wally" Photo by: Rich Rochlin
"Mike C." Photo by: Rich Rochlin
"Matt Branscombe" Photo by: Rich Rochlin
"Matt Branscombe" Photo by: Rich Rochlin
"Matt Branscombe" Photo by: Rich Rochlin
The famous steps of The Union League
Philadelphia's City Hall

Matt B. and Mike C. "Self Portrait"
Mike C. on "The Wall"

Self Portrait

Published but not credited.

A few months ago I was hired by The Copper Beech Inn restaurant to shoot some gourmet dishes created by the extremely talented Chef Tyler Anderson who has since become one of our favorite clients/friends. A magazine called ink Publications “A guide to finer living in Connecticut” did a story on the Copper Beech Inn and used 6 of my pictures including one that was a full page and some how the only photographer that was credited in the article was a photographer named Jeff Kaufman who was commissioned by either the restaurant or by the magazine to shoot the architectural photos used in the rest of the article. I hate to be bitter but Jeff Kaufman is a talented photographer with food photography displayed on his website so I am 100% certain he will receive credit by the readers of the magazine.
So I’m bitter. I rarely submit photos to publications which makes it less often that I get published so I do like to at least get credit where it’s due. Who’s at fault? I feel like the magazine should have asked for photo credits so did the Inn say no credit was necessary? Or did the magazine not ask? Either way there is some professional integrity in question here, especially because a photographer was credited in the article. Don’t get me wrong, the restaurant is great and the food is exquisite and they are very accommodation to my wife and I when we eat there not to mention our relationship with the Chef is mostly due to our meeting there so I’m not bad mouthing them or anyone, just disappointed is all.

Any thoughts. I’d like to hear what people think.

Matt Branscombe
See more of my pictures on The Copper Beech Inn’s website

Shawn Phillips Live at AMS

Last night I was asked to photograph a private live recording of singer song writer Shawn Phillips. Audio Media Solutions and BSC Photo have long lasting relationship and it shows every time something like this comes up. Shawn Phillips is a World-renowned singer, songwriter, recording artist, Shawn Phillips has twenty albums to his credit and a host of associations with some of the most respected names in the industry including Donovan, Paul Buckmaster, J. Peter Robinson, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bernie Taupin, and many others, yet he is virtually forgotten except by his cadre of loyal fans.
· Sang back-up on The Beatles “Lovely Rita”
· Gave George Harrison guitar lessons
· Taught Joni Mitchell 12 string guitar
· 4 of 20 Albums chart on Billboard top 100
Shawn Phillips Website

As an opening act, a slightly less famous but equally as talented Jann Klose .

Being that I’m not musically inclined and honestly know very little about musicians that I can’t say much about the performances except it is very clear these two artists are extraordinarily talented.

Photography by: Matt Branscombe
Professional sound and lighting services by: Audio Media Solutions

Jann Klose