Jes + Matt’s Wedding at Dudley Farm

Jes and Matt had their wedding at the beautiful Dudley Farm in Guilford, CT. Anyone who knows me knows that I love farm weddings and when Jes and Matt sat down with me to discuss the details of their wedding I knew I was in for a treat! All the flowers were done with local wild flowers and all the food was local farm raised.

Honestly there is so much to write about this wedding I think I might just be better of doing it in bullet points. The following are the most memorable moments and details; Bulldog ring bearer, wild flower bouquets, farm ceremony, sheep, bulls, Jes’s veil flying off into the bull pen, Matt climbing under electric fence to get the veil, Polaroid cameras, hot apple cider in mason jars, Mason Jar wine glasses, cannoli cupcakes, steam punk cupcake topper, 3yr old using iphone to take pictures, my wife was invited and best food ever!

Photography By: Matt Branscombe and Mike Ciarleglio
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3 thoughts on “Jes + Matt’s Wedding at Dudley Farm

  1. These photos are excellent – I love them. Definitely know who to go to for our wedding! Great job Matthew.
    -Mike (sat to your right @ the table – the other tall guy)

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