I met Kim almost a year ago at her wedding. That may sound a little weird but her husband Mike, owner of Audio Media Solutions literally called me that day and said, “hey I’m getting married today. Can you come take some pictures?” As I digress. Kim and I had been trying to schedule this shoot for almost two months but with weather and schedule conflicts I had just about given up. I figured there was no way a 9 month pregnant woman would want to do anything less than a photo shoot. Good thing for me her husband Mike really wanted this shoot to happen because I’m sure it wouldn’t have without his push and I would have missed out on one of the best shoots I’ve even done.

Kim had a location in mind so I was just a long for the ride. We pulled into this closed down herb farm in Coventry, Connecticut and in under five minutes I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. Everywhere we looked there was something interesting, unique, worn out… Beautiful. With just over an hour to shoot, 85ยบ+ temperatures and lets not forget a CHILD in her belly! Kim was a champ. Any reservations she might have had before the shoot didn’t show even a little through the lens.

Any day now she will have herself a little baby boy, so we congratulate her and Mike. Enjoy!

Photography By: Matt Branscombe

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