Photographers Shoot Out at BSC Studio

Yesterday at BSC Photo Studio we had a couple models and a bunch of photographers here messing around and taking pictures. Photographer Stephen Kahrs invited a male model named Jared and photographer/stylist Vicki Miorelli to help him recreate an image of a character from Cabaret. After seeing the style they were going for I instantly knew it should be shot just outside my studio window against the dark brick and barbed wire fence. I can say one thing about this look, it was very interesting. Stephen had his light set up for his shot and at the same time I threw up a couple of lights and passed out pocket wizards to my friend Lawyer/Photographer Rich Rochlin and photographer Jonathan Baily and shot a little while Stephen did his thing with model Jared. The sun soon came over the top of my building creating crappy harsh light in this location to I hopped back in the window (into the AC) and checked out what my friend, photographer Monte Rudze was doing with model Ashley Ayala. Monte had some real nice fashion lighting going with a grey backdrop. After watching for a little I jumped in on Monte’s lighting and snapped a few frames. Right around this time one of my oldest best friends from Massachusetts to a short break from being on the road for Felt Bikes to drop in and see the studio. Sean is one of those crazy bike riders who will ride 50 miles a day in the woods or on the road, just for fun. He pulled up in a giant van and 20 foot trailer covered in Felt Bikes branding. This is when I had the idea to make Sean suit up in his spandex, pull out his bike and let me do portraits of him. The photos I made of Sean are my favorite portraits I’ve done to this day thanks to Monte and Mike C. for helping me with the lighting.

Photography by: Matt Branscombe

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Stephen Kahrs – Stephen Kahrs Photography
Vicki Miorelli – Vicki’s Flickr
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