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A few months ago I was hired by The Copper Beech Inn restaurant to shoot some gourmet dishes created by the extremely talented Chef Tyler Anderson who has since become one of our favorite clients/friends. A magazine called ink Publications “A guide to finer living in Connecticut” did a story on the Copper Beech Inn and used 6 of my pictures including one that was a full page and some how the only photographer that was credited in the article was a photographer named Jeff Kaufman who was commissioned by either the restaurant or by the magazine to shoot the architectural photos used in the rest of the article. I hate to be bitter but Jeff Kaufman is a talented photographer with food photography displayed on his website so I am 100% certain he will receive credit by the readers of the magazine.
So I’m bitter. I rarely submit photos to publications which makes it less often that I get published so I do like to at least get credit where it’s due. Who’s at fault? I feel like the magazine should have asked for photo credits so did the Inn say no credit was necessary? Or did the magazine not ask? Either way there is some professional integrity in question here, especially because a photographer was credited in the article. Don’t get me wrong, the restaurant is great and the food is exquisite and they are very accommodation to my wife and I when we eat there not to mention our relationship with the Chef is mostly due to our meeting there so I’m not bad mouthing them or anyone, just disappointed is all.

Any thoughts. I’d like to hear what people think.

Matt Branscombe
See more of my pictures on The Copper Beech Inn’s website

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3 thoughts on “Published but not credited.

  1. I think you are completely justified in your request to be credited by the magazine. It might be a little different if both the architectural and food photos were not credited, but that is not the case. Maybe it is a honest mistake on both the magazine and the restaurant’s part, but regardless you should be credited. Maybe just send a polite letter to the restaurant mentioning you saw your photos used but no credit, since you already have a relationship established with them.

    Hope you receive some credit!

    1. Actually we sent letter very shortly after we noticed to the publication letting them know and they actually stopped the presses and pulled all of the magazines that were on the shelves and reprinted with the proper credits for the pictures. Pretty cool for them to do that.. lots of publications would just write a retraction or one type of comment in their next issue.

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