Pakistani Henna Ceremony

Some of the most incredible events I’ve ever been hired to photograph were Pakistani weddings. In the Pakistani tradition, weddings take three days. Day one is a henna ceremony, day two is the wedding ceremony and day three is the reception. In this post you will see photos from a henna ceremony I shot a few weeks ago. Soon I will post photos from the wedding ceremony.
The henna ceremony is usually the night before the wedding but because of time constraints this family held the henna ceremony the week before. Because henna will fade over time, the family kept only the necessary parts of the ritual. The couple to be married sits on a couch surrounded by presents. All the elder women from both sides gather around the couple and one at a time feed them fruits and sweets then wave money over the couples head. They do this for the bride then they do this for the groom. The bride holds a leaf in her hand and as the elder women come up they mark the leaf with henna, after all the women have greeted the bride with gifts, fruit, money and henna they move on to the groom and do the same. Unfortunately I don’t know more than what I could figure out for myself but I know everything the Pakistanis do is beautiful. Not to mention the emotion and wisdom in the elder womens faces.

In the next few weeks we will get posted some photos from the beautiful wedding and reception.
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  1. I feel like the marriage rituals of other cultures are so much more significant than the traditional marriage rites known to the majority. In fact, or marriage rites can be so predictable and ordinary at times that you can even go along with the words that the officiator is uttering! 😉

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