Matt Branscombe


Matt Branscombe | Photographer | Designer | Owner


My name is Matt Branscombe and I take pictures. I’ve been a working professional photographer for over 10 years.

What could be worse than reading a photographers bio that just sounds like bullshit piled on bullshit? I don’t want this to be like that. So, what can I say? I’ve received great compliments from a number of Connecticut wedding venues who regularly recommend us to their clients. I’ve been called the hardest working photographer in the wedding industry. More often than not my clients become my friends (not just on Facebook).

For years I struggled with my personal style of photography, what would it be, am I different than others, will people even like it? I think for the first time in years I’m confident in my style and yes it’s different than many and though not for everyone, my style is what draws people in.

I could finish out my bio with more resumé information but what’s really important is I am a professional. I take more pride than you can imagine in my work, my education and my versatility. If you come to me with your project or for your wedding you can count on the fact that I will produce artistic and imaginative images and I will do everything I can to make sure you are happy with your investment.

I am also a proud member of The American Society of Media Photographers. In my opinion the most important organization in the photography industry.