I was so psyched when I got the call from Teddy asking to photograph his wedding. For those of you who don’t know he is a producer on the Howard Stern Show and this was now the second time a member of that crew has chosen us to be their wedding photographers. In the world that they are in they probably were inundated by wedding photographers offering their services so it’s a real honor.

8am and on 3hrs of sleep Mike and I pack up and head out for a 5 hour drive to Harding Farm in Clinton, NY. When we arrived our first impressions were that this was the coolest farm we’ve had the opportunity to shoot at and the hand made decorations were awesome. Then I look up to see a 9 year old girl driving an off road vehicle across the property. How could this day be any cooler? Then I met Teddy and Poppy for the first time. What a cool couple. So laid back and chill. All their friends and family were super nice to us.

My favorite detail was the strings of banners hung around the ceremony area. The were hung from the barn to pitchforks stuck in hay bails. The ceremony was short but very sweet and funny. I always am a little bummed when ceremonies that look like this are always the shortest ones leaving us to rush from one shot to the next but we made some fantastic images and that is all that matters in the end.

While shooting the formals Teddy requested that the groomsmen pictures be done showcasing their beer of choice for the day, Utica Club. After we finished the family and bridal party pictures we had a few minutes to spend alone with Teddy and Poppy and they just made every image happen without direction. there was a sort of quiet, calm love between them that shined through my viewfinder.

And then the fun and funny started. Among the group of Stern Show guys that were in attendance it was great to see Richard and Kristen Christy again. There was an old wood and chain swing hanging from a tree branch where I found Kristen pushing Richard higher and higher till it looked like he was going to fall off. Directly behind the swing was a Slack Line. Here the bets started to see who could go the furthest, no one made it all the way, but JD Harmeyer seemingly the most uncoordinated of the bunch made it the furthest.

Did I not mention the 18 piece brass band that played through the night? They really gave a certain ambiance to the reception and dancing. The speeches were all very well written and sweet but one in particular got the waterworks going. Poppy’s cousin gave a speech bi-proxy for her father who was too ill to travel from Scotland.

The night ended with a few Chinese lanterns being lit and a pretty awesome fireworks demonstration.

Congratulations Teddy and Poppy!
Photography By: Matt Branscombe and Mike Ciarleglio
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Venue: Harding Farm
Band: Brass-O-Mania

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Richard Christy Stern Show

JD Harmeyer Stern Show

Slack Line Walking
Steve Brandano "The Intern" Howard Stern Show

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5 Responses to Teddy + Poppy | NY Vintage Farm Wedding Photographer

  1. Art says:

    Stunningly creative photographs of a couple who are clearly in love. Well done!

  2. Ronnie Mund says:

    T O P L E S S

  3. Ruffypup Montana says:

    Teddy looks like that of a young Robin Thicke. :lol:

  4. anik says:

    A couple who are clearly in love together .

  5. Ken Topham says:

    Fantastic work, they looked like a great couple to photograph…. stunning images

    Ken in Ireland

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