For almost a year now, I’ve been wanting to share with the world that I was shooting Richard and Kristin’s wedding, but to protect their privacy and to ensure that their wedding wouldn’t be a circus, I kept it quiet. Now, the time has come to share with the world of Howard Stern fans, and even crazier, the Richard Christy fans, pictures of the big day.

Mike C. and I left our studio with a two hour cushion in anticipation of traffic and getting lost. I plugged the address of the W hotel into my GPS and hit the road. I HATE GPS! According to the GPS, we has arrived at the destination but we were under a bridge in Brooklyn! I put the same address into my iPhone and saw that we were close but on the wrong side of the river. 30 minutes later, we drove past the little pin on the GPS, but no hotel. Finally, we called the hotel and they told us to plug in a completely different address than the one on their Web site. Good thing I left over 2hrs of extra time!

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was how awesome it was and how cool the girls looked in their bright colored dresses. While we were on time, we were still on a tight schedule so Mike and I got right into shooting. A few moments later, it became very obvious that Kristin does not like getting her picture taken (which is crazy as she’s stunning!)

I didn’t consider that the drive from the W hotel to the South Street Sea Port would be difficult and the venue told me I would be able to park at the loading dock. So, I left Mike to ride in the limo and headed over to Sequoia at Peck Slip. Well… There was a huge concert on the peer (no loading dock access) and all the lots were full. I used a little lesson that my father taught me many years ago: money talks. I told the parking attendant I’d give him $20 and then suddenly, the lot had capacity. It was then that I realized that I would have to carry all the gear by myself. Some would say “Whaaa” before they consider that I have about 150lbs of gear and light stands; it was 90 degrees; and I had to walk about 100 yards through 5,000 drunk concert goers.

The wedding planner at Sequoia was awesome! The second I walked in he grabbed half of my gear and helped me to the bridal sweet and told a waiter to get me water. Awesome!

My good friend Rich Rochlin arrived early to get some getting ready shots of Richard and his best man, comedian Sal Governale. All I can say about this is it looked like fun.
This was the coolest ceremony I’ve ever experienced. The owner of Richard and Kristin’s favorite restaurant officiated the wedding and he had been recently ordained by the Dudest Church (from The Big Lebowski). As Richard began walking down the aisle, everyone began to cheer. Then the doors at the end of the aisle opened and Kristin (escorted by her father) stepped out. The cheers and the standing ovation were overwhelming.

In traditional ceremonies, the minister typically mentions family members that have died. In this non-traditional ceremony, all of the pet fish that Richard and Kristin had lost were remembered (We love you Ernie!). Richards vows were fun but heartfelt and Kristin’s vows were read by the minister because she was too nervous to read them herself. Her vows were really sweet and funny and were made funnier because they were being read by a soft-spoken man of Asian heritage.

This post could go on and on with all the funny and amazing things that happened at this wedding but just look at the pictures and listen to the Howard Stern show on Sirius channel 100 and 101 for the story.

Congratulations Richard and Kristin and thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding!

Specials Thanks to Rich Rochlin for shooting when he should have been partying and even bigger thanks to his lovely girlfriend Sarah for dealing with us.
Photography By: Matt Branscombe and Mike Ciarleglio

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Modern New York Wedding Photographer W hotel
Modern New York Wedding Photographer and Photojournalist W hotel
Modern New York Wedding Photographer and Photojournalist W hotel

Modern New York Wedding Photographer and Photojournalist W hotel

NY Wedding Photographer

Modern New York Wedding Photographer and Photojournalist W hotel

Modern New York Wedding Photographer W hotelModern New York Wedding Photographer W hotelModern New York Wedding Photographer and Photojournalist

Modern New York Wedding Photographer Sal Governale

Photo By: R. Rochlin

Modern New York Wedding Photographer Sal Governale

Photo by: R. Rochlin

Modern New York Wedding Photographer Sequoia

Modern New York Wedding Photographer Sequoia

Creative New York Wedding PhotographerCreative New York Wedding Photographer

Modern Creative New York Wedding Photographer

Creative New York Wedding PhotographerModern creative NY wedding Photographer

Modern creative NY wedding PhotographerModern creative NY wedding Photographer

Photo Left by: Matt Branscombe, Photos Right by: R. Rochlin

Modern NYC wedding Photographer PhotojournalismModern NYC wedding Photographer Photojournalism

Modern NYC wedding Photographer Sequoia

Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography

Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography

Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography

Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography

Ronni The Limo Driver

Photo by: R. Rochlin

Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography
Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography
Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography Sal Governale
Sequoia NYC wedding Reception Photography Sal Governal Speech

Sal Governale Richard Christy Wedding

Stern Show Crew Wedding Pictures
Stern Show Crew Wedding Pictures

Stern Show Crew Wedding Pictures
Stern Show Crew Wedding Pictures
Sal Governale

Ronni Singing

J.D. Dancing

Modern NYC wedding Photographer at Sequoia
Ronni The Limo Driver Girls
Benji Bronk
End of the night salute wedding NYC

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88 Responses to Richard Christy and Kristi Christy’s Wedding

  1. Dan says:

    Beautiful pictures that also managed to convey the lighthearted, fun-loving nature of the wedding party and guests. Great job.

  2. erin Lavelle says:

    Loved the pics!! Great job…I felt like I was there…loved the flip flop idea…your photos really caught the event and the emotions behind it…what a great wedding! Thanks for sharing.

  3. AlkiB says:

    Wonderful, wonderful photographs. Love the shot of couple with the lit bridge behind them. Was George Taki not at the reception? Richard and his bride both looked lovely. Great photographer.

  4. jason says:

    What a great time captured by what appears to be a fantastic photographer! Everyone celebrating a special day for two people who love each other so spending it with the ones they love incredibly. Richard Christy remember the guests that actually shared your special day by putting you 1st. I feel like a attended by perusing your pics!

  5. jason phillips says:

    kristi who did you marry! thats not Richard. Congrats Rusty….

  6. Robert norman says:

    THAT is a TON of fun!!! (yes, I’m a Stern fan!!!)

  7. MattyB says:

    Like us on Facebook and follow me on twitter because I will be sharing some really funny pictures during the week. and @bsc_photo

  8. douginyyz says:

    Just GREAT!!!….so happy for the both of you….what a wonderful collection of photos. Many Happy Returns.

  9. Alice says:

    Great work. Thanks for publishing it. PS Which photo is Richard’s FAAAAVORITE?

  10. Bryan says:

    Congrats richard and kristy christy…THIS is now a party!

    In your face howard.

  11. world photos says:

    Wonderful photos, keep up the good work.

  12. Wendy Gumpper says:

    Gorgeous wedding pics!!!! Kristen made a stunning bride!!! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Christy!

  13. Robert Paulson says:

    Congrats Kristi and Richard!
    Thank you for sharing your day.

  14. Deb says:

    These pictures and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Jennifer and Paul says:

    The night was a BLAST (as the pics show)….so glad to be part of “history” in the making! Congrats again Richard and Kirstin!

  16. Mike Rogers says:

    Congrats Richard! Your photos came out beautifully! Im very happy for the both of you!!

  17. Johnny Two Thumbs says:

    Excellent pictures. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Christy.
    BTW – High-Pitched Mike looks like a deranged child molester.

  18. First time i’ve seen Richards wife. I really wish i knew Richard better. He’s such a great dude. Responds to his fans and truly looks so happy in these photos! Looks like such a great time. May the best of your past be the worst of your future!

  19. SauceOnSide says:

    Gorgeous pictures of what looked to be a momentous evening. Everyone looked their best. Nothing but best wishes to the new couple.- Hey Now

  20. Marco says:

    Wow Richard… You clean up quite well there buddy. Kristin was a Beautiful Bride!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your special day. They are Great pictures. We wish you many, many years of happiness together!

    The Johnsons

  21. Sal's Nuts says:

    Wow, these photographers made Richard Christy look good! Amazing, that slob cleans up nice.

    Bride is beautiful.

  22. Kelly McGrath says:

    Beautiful and natural photographs. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  23. Curtis Fogelquist says:

    Great photo album. Nicely done. Maybe Howard saw this and picked up some pointers. Nice job !!!

  24. OJ says:

    Congrats Richard! Great pics! Wishing you both well and happy long lives together forever. ;o)

  25. stacy pric says:

    Wow! Those are fantastic pictures..especially of the bride and her dress…beautiful…I didnt see any pics of the best mans, (sal’s) wife…no pics of just the wedding party…did i miss that?

  26. MattyB says:

    I have some pictures of Sal’s wife but I tend to keep most of the focus on the Bride and Groom in my blog posts. As far as the bridal part pictures go. Richard and Kristin didn’t want any formals so I was lucky to get the one of them with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. Just the one!

  27. Crazy Alice says:

    How come Gay Howard isn’t in any of those f*&king pictures?

  28. Patti says:

    Richard,what a wonderfull looking wedding. You and your wife look so happy….Good for you. The pics are great too….I never got my invitation???
    Have a wonderful life togather!!!

  29. Tim Lopez says:

    Great Pics. Good to see Richard found someone to settle down with. Good luck guys especially to the new wife.

  30. Todd says:

    beautiful wedding guys! I been to a dozen of weddings this summer and this one topped them all! Love you guys,

  31. jim says:

    That is one wedding i would have loved to gone to! Congrats, Kristin and “Ethel”!

  32. theo geo says:

    Kristy and richard , all the best and be kind to 1 another always and never take each other for granted ….. Richard i feel as if ive known you for many yrs but i respect all you have done over the yrs with howard and with your bands you have played with …..thanks again for the signed charred stix ……peace, Ted

  33. todd says:

    Richard this is your dad… you and Kristin look reallllly gooood in those ‘pitures’ the dog dumbass agrees. That’s all talk to you later.

    Happy future to you both.

  34. matthew says:

    great photos. these photographers have to be the best if they got sal and richard to look normal. benjy still looks like crap though…
    im keepin you guys in my Rolodex.

  35. Congrats to both of you! “Christi Christy”! I love the new name! Watch for my wedding gift in the mail (4 of my best pre-owned hubcaps).

  36. Nelson says:


  37. Lynn Rodgers says:

    Gorgeous photos. You really managed to capture the beauty of the ceremony.

  38. Bill White says:

    What a night! Cb and Bill in Sacramento love you guys.

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